Applications and regulations

The registration (for year 2011) form is available HERE.

Competition regulations
a) year of creation is the same as the year of competition
b) author delivered the film on specified discs (DVD - MPEG2), in two copies untill the declared date (9.10.2011)
c) if a film created by film school students competes, it cannot be a school recording (graduating film, seminar exercise etc.)
d) recording must not break actual laws of the Czech Republic, the Republic of Poland and the Slovak Republic
e) competitor disclaims author's royalties tract for screenings realized within the frame of the festival and agrees with usual propagation utilization of the recording
f) film length must not be longer than 90 minutes
g) The film is enrolled in only one of the three participating countries.

Send them with two copies of the movie to the contact adresses.
Educa24 agency
Alžírská 1499 / 32
708 00 Ostrava-Poruba
Czech Republic

Centrum kultury a vzdělávání
Sokolská 26
702 00 Ostrava
Czech Republic

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Awards ceremony!

Klub Atlantik was coming apart at the seams on Saturday, 17:00... It has become a nice tradition that a majority of the movie makers take part in the awards ceremony and the dicussion with our jury and manage to make their way to Ostrava from remote parts of the country or even from Poland and Slovakia. This year’s ceremony wasn’t an exception to the rule.


Midi lidi in Ostrava!

This year’s award ceremony will culminate with an extraordinary musical delicacy! Ostrava’s Klub Fabric is to present Midi Lidi and their guest, a Slovak band, Pudink paní Elvisovej. Don’t miss the chance to see this superlatives-spun concert!


First workshops started already

As usually, this years’ Ostrava-Picture is starting off with a weekly workshop during which is a bunch of student filmmakers to try and produce a short movie in the streets of Ostrava. You already might have seen them running around in logo shirts out there!



The biggest timed competition of its kind will take place in Prague for the first time this year and will present all of the winning films as well as it will present itself in a virtual workshop at Ostrava-Picture. 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT. Be a part of it. Enter the Prague competition or visit the screening and workshop in Ostrava.


TV spot again from Martin Jůza

This year´s spot reminds us that the time behind a camera runs at the same pace as anywhere else... and school, gals, dudes, temporary part-time jobs or friendly helping out often distract from intensive creation. You´ll probably never catch up what you´ve missed when you were hot for the lens and ideas were dancing around... Or maybe? Don´t despair, grab the camera and head out as the dead line of the competition isn´t until the 9th of October!